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SEO Ready
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Based in Dorset, Riotspace Creative comprises a team of dedicated WordPress website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts who will help your business create the perfect website.

Our team understands that every website is unique; that is why we work with each client to create a bespoke site that is tailor made to suit their business.

Are you looking for bespoke ecommerce websites?

Expertly crafted ecommerce websites to engage your target market, raise brand awareness and increase online sales

Improve discovery and search engine rankings with expert SEO

SEO is vital to increase your online presence, improve brand awareness and stand out from your competitors

Whether you are looking to modernise your business by building your first website, are looking to redesign your current site, or plan to develop an ecommerce website, Riotspace can help. We create fully functioning WordPress website designs with custom features and functionality.

Riotspace Creative have the skills and expertise required to build beautiful, fully functioning custom WordPress themes. We will advise the appropriate features and areas that you may need to include or develop to make sure that your business grows, and your website performs well. We can also provide your employees with the onsite or remote training to manage your WordPress website or ecommerce website effectively.

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If you want to discuss your new WordPress website, or would like our team to discuss your current WordPress website, get in touch with us today.

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Mobile friendly

A modern WordPress website design must be mobile friendly to provide smartphone users an easy to use and functional experience, and rank highly in Google Search Engine. A high percentage of users view content and buy products using their smartphone. We will ensure that your website is mobile responsive and useable on all devices to promote search ranking and conversions on your website. Our WordPress websites provide a seamless user experience, whether being viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Customer-focused UX design

We take the time to discuss and research your target audience to create an optimized experience. We will make it easier for your target market to find the information, content, or products they’re searching for. We will develop effective navigation and beautiful page layouts that are easy to read.

GDPR compliant

We will build your WordPress website to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. Our team can also provide you with guidelines and a privacy policy that outlines how your new website handles visitors’ information.


Riotspace creative takes your website’s security seriously. We will implement multiple security measures to help your website to be safe and secure, making it less likely to be targeted by hackers or spammers. Your website’s security is particularly vital if your website takes transactions or stores and collects customer data. Our website developers can secure your website to a high enterprise-grade standard.

Search engine ready

Riotspace Creative will build a WordPress website design that is well optimised and Google search ready. We aim to get you ranking well in the search engines by providing a good code and page structure and the correct Schema information and meta data for web pages, blog posts, and products.

Full training

Once we’ve built your WordPress website, we will ensure you know how to use your new system and make updates. We will show you and your team how to use your WordPress installation, create blog posts, update pages and any other custom taxonomies. Our training can be accessed either face-to-face or remotely. We may also send you some pre-recorded tutorials or text instructions.

Editable content

Your finished WordPress website design will have an easy-to-use and comprehensive dashboard that will allow you to modify your content and keep your website up to date. You will be able to change text and images as needed and can also edit or delete existing pages. If you plan to publish a blog regularly, posts can be made easily using the WordPress built in editor (Gutenberg). Products can also be added to your ecommerce website with ease. You will be able to manage your website all in one place.

Custom design and functionality

Our team designs each website from scratch; allowing you to have the best website that is tailored to your business. Your WordPress website design will be created by a WordPress web design expert who will take time to research your business and industry to find out which design and technologies will work best for you. Your finished website will be custom built and unique!

Optimised for speed

Our team uses the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your WordPress website design is developed to a high standard. Your website will be optimised for speed and will run smoothly. We create, build and optimise all our WordPress websites from the ground up, ensuring an excellent user experience.


Riotspace creative will ensure that all our WordPress websites are accessible to users with disabilities. We follow guidelines set out by the Equality Act 2010 and optimise our website for screen readers, include colour contrasts, form labels, images, and link titles. With more people looking online it is vital that your website is accessible to all.

Project management

We understand that you are busy running your business. Our team will do all the research and design for your new website. We will develop your website to ensure an excellent user experience and deal with all the technical components. You will be informed all the way with your website project to ensure that you are happy with the progress that your website is making. We will have regular meetings remotely or face to face so that we can get your input and you have control in the development of your WordPress website design.

Ongoing support and maintenance

We can provide the ongoing support and maintenance you need to ensure that your WordPress website is maintained and continues to function as expected. We’ll check the functionality of the site and ensure its user friendly before any changes go live. Our team can answer any question you may have and make changes, if necessary, at a later date.

Why we develop with

Riotspace Creative use WordPress to create your business’s website as it is a versatile and professional platform. WordPress is now one of the world’s leading platforms with users including as Fortune 500 companies. With WordPress, you will have a customizable and responsive website design that provides a user-friendly experience, as well as a comprehensive admin dashboard to edit and update your website.

Riotspace Creative is a dedicated full-service WordPress development agency that will work with you to create the perfect WordPress website design for your business. We will design your websites architecture, develop your custom design and functionality and provide your team training on how to use and update your new website. 

We will also provide a secure testing environment by hosting your site on our servers during the development stages. This allows us to ensure your website is fully functional and meets your exact specifications before it goes live.

Using WordPress to create your new business website will bring many advantages. WordPress uses open-source technology, which means that is will be updating continuously, ensuring that your website is as up to date and will run as effectively and proficiently as possible.

WordPress has many options for expanding your website as required by adding new pages, custom taxonomies and blogs, to promote your business. WordPress is a versatile and functional platform that is easy to manage and has many opportunities to integrate great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) making sure that your website ranks well in Google’s search engine.

WordPress Website Design illustration

Working together. Every step of the way.

Riotspace Creative has worked on hundreds of different WordPress website design projects. We will meet with you in person or remotely to discuss your requirements before designing a website that allows your business to stand out from your competitors. Each website we design is bespoke and optimised for success.

If you are looking for a WordPress agency in Dorset with expert knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), digital marketing, and branding, contact Riotspace Creative today. Our team will work with you to design and develop a WordPress website consistent with your businesses branding and industry.

Contact Riotspace Creative today on 01258 522 118 or hello@riotspace.com to find out more.