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5 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

We asked our experts here at Riotspace to put together the 5 most effective digital marketing strategies they are using in 2021.

With the effects of the pandemic driving more and more people to consume and use online services, it is more important than ever to develop strong digital marketing strategies and grow your business online. Hundreds of businesses have grown exponentially online during the pandemic, keeping both businesses and customers afloat during these turbulent times.

Never before has a solid Digital marketing strategy been so business critical. Now a vital part of promoting your business and with so many people online you need to raise brand awareness and make your business known. This is more difficult now nearly all businesses have some sort of online presence, and all are investing to improve in 2021.

Understanding different digital marketing strategies and techniques which will help your business achieve results in the growing online market is essential. We asked our experts here at Riotspace to put together the 5 most effective digital marketing strategies they are using in 2021.

1) Page Speed & Usability improvements

If you don’t already know, Google have released another update to their all-important search algorithm. Effective from May 2021 Google has made extensive changes to the way in which it assesses your website for search and ranking eligibility.

Most notable amongst those changes is the importance Google are now applying to page speed and on-page SEO.

It’s no secret that Google prefers well written content above almost all other ranking factors, however this update applies a specific emphasis on how quickly your website page loads, specifically something referred to as the “First Contentful Paint”.

Consider this digital marketing strategy something like spring cleaning your website so visitors are not bombarded with slow loading, non-relevant content and popups. Instead, when the page loads, they get fast, responsive and relevant content.

For more detailed information about this update see our post Google Algorithm update May 2021.

2) Pay-per-click is perfect for targeting specific interests and trends

PPC advertising is a form of digital marketing where advertisers pay for each time their advert is clicked by their target customer.

As internet usage is continuing to grow in 2021, online shopping and service-based interactions have seen a substantial boom, and PPC advertising has become the go to digital marketing strategy.

Pay-per-click advertising has the advantage of being an extremely cost-effective digital marketing solution, with a high conversion rate. It is important to ensure that each campaign you run is goal orientated and focused on your target audience. PPC marketing can be extremely competitive, especially since online shopping has become the norm in 2021. Finding a company with the correct skills and experience, like Riotspace Creative, can save you a fortune.

3) Direct email marketing may actually feel personal in 2021

Traditionally direct email marketing has always had a high conversion rate. It’s low cost to perform and has fantastic re-marketability.

A combination of email automation, design, and messaging, when targeted appropriately can significantly improve sales of products and services. When developing a direct email marketing campaign, it is important to consider factors such as target market, message delivery, user experience, and of course the subject line.

Making an email feel personal and targeted is essential to developing a strong relationship with your customer (and their needs) and improving your conversion rate. Email is the most used communication method in the world and with email verification systems properly configured and a strong campaign design, you can avoid the spam folders and deliver your important message directly to your potential customers, with a personal touch.

4) Google loves great content

Content is critical to a successful digital marketing strategy in 2021. Crafting targeted, keyword optimised and well written content, with a view to generating sales and conversions is by far the best way to improve your search engine and social media digital marketing.

Great content can help to bring your brand to life and give your brand or business a “tone of voice” which resonates with your ideal customer. Strong content will not only help potential customers to find you on search engines, but also engages the customer, leads them to strategically placed conversion points, and gets you more sales.

Developing your businesses content doesn’t have to be a huge job. In fact, optimising your current content can be one of the most effective, and least effort, digital marketing strategies of 2021. Improving your content will pay dividends.

Great content is not only important for pages on your website, but you should also pay attention to your other digital marketing content efforts, such as social media and PPC. Every piece of content published by your business is important and represents your brand and brand message. Make sure that what you share is worth sharing.

Essentially content is king. Google and other search platforms will pay attention to well written, structured, keyword optimised, and engaging content.

5) Sociable brands meet more customers

Social media marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies in 2021 to reach out and discover more of your market. If your business does not have some form of social media presence, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business.

Digital marketing is a very competitive industry with millions of businesses, often in the same industry, fighting for the attention of the same audience. A strong social media marketing strategy is essential in setting your brand apart from the crowd, promoting your brand’s image, and converting social media traffic into sales and leads.

Entire communities spend vast amounts of time on social media every day. Brand advocates and influencers, who will support your business or brand, can be found and engaged using social media. It is important to remember that in a busy and growing online community that simply posting the odd post is not enough. Every interaction your business has with social media should be planned, targeted and constructed to achieve the best results possible.

Here are few things to think about before you post to social media:

  • What are you hoping to gain for your business by posting to social media?
  • Is there a particular group of people you are targeting (target audience)?
  • Once you’ve identified your target audience, which social media platform are they most likely to use?
  • What would be the most effective message to convert your target audience into leads or sales?

Creating a social media planner is a great way to plan and structure social media content, helping you to plan when, what and where to post. A planner will also be helpful with planning different posts depending on your target audience.

A great digital marketing strategy in 2021 will benefit your business for years to come

Digital marketing will play a huge role in sales and lead generation in 2021 and beyond, more than ever before. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic the world has adjusted and embraced the world of digital. We take our meetings on Zoom, do our shopping online and find services and information with a quick search. Businesses who adapt now and migrate or improve their digital marketing strategies to function properly and effectively in this ever-expanding digital ecosystem, will reap the rewards for years to come.

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